The Claimed Queen - A Scifi Romance book by E.M. Jaye

The Claimed Queen - A Scifi Romance book promotion by E.M. Jaye

A genocidal alien race attacked Earth 100 years ago, humanity had no defenses. One billion dead in a single day. If it wasn’t for a race of alien warriors who intervened, everything would have been lost. But, they did not do it without a price.
What do they want? Mates.

Meet the High Warrior King Danion Belator. He is an enigmatic and battle-hardened alien from the planet Gelder, renowned for their unmatched strength and magical powers. Skilled in combat and a formidable leader, Danion feels the call of his mate the moment she was born. He has waited 20 years for her, and he does not intend to wait one second more.  

But Eleanor is not just an ordinary human—she possesses hidden powers that hold the key to not only humanity's survival; but the galaxy’s.

As the universe faces its darkest hour, Eleanor discovers her latent abilities, unlocking a wellspring of untapped energy and power. With Danion’s help, she realizes the extent of her cosmic powers and begins to comprehend her pivotal role in the impending war. After a lifetime of abuse, will Eleanor embrace her destiny? Can she learn to embrace her potential and save the universe? Or die trying?

Read now to find out.