The World Beyond the Redbud Tree by Madison C. Brightwell

The World Beyond the Redbud Tree book promotion by Madison C. Brightwell

The world as we know it is built upon choices. If different choices had been made in the past, we might be living in an entirely different world. What if the so-called Lost Colony of settlers in North Carolina were in fact not lost at all but instead merged happily with the Native American tribes to create a new people and unique society?

Sixteen-year-old Charli is living in a pandemic-ravaged 2020 America when she stumbles upon the parallel world of the Q'ehazi. Drawn to these peaceful people, whose constant joy and optimism provides a stark contrast to the suffering and violence in her own life, Charli wants nothing more than to stay with them forever-but first, she must learn to attain a state of grace.

Can she forgive her mother's abusive boyfriend? Can she learn empathy for her mother? In The World Beyond the Redbud Tree, Charli's inward and outward struggles will lead her to a discovery she wasn't even looking for: the beauty of her own world.