Blue: A K9 Pitbull Police Dog - a Suspenseful Action Fiction by Marco McDewey

Blue: A K9 Pitbull Police Dog - a Suspenseful Action Fiction book promotion by Marco McDewey

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Blue, A K9 Pitbull Police Dog

This story starts with a small-town family, whose father serves as the town sheriff, determined to take down a notorious drug lord peddling narcotics in their community. Amidst this backdrop, the daughter, named Kiki, develops a deep affection for a Blue Nose Pitbull puppy. They bring the puppy into their loving home, but tragedy strikes when he is stolen by a nasty man who forces it to fight, subjecting it to extreme abuse and turning it into a lethal killing machine.

Eventually, the dog manages to take his revenge and escape from its abusive captor. When the police apprehend the dog, they consider putting it down due to its lethal actions. However, a compassionate individual intervenes, recognizing that with love and proper training, the dog, now named Blue, can be reformed.

Blue undergoes a remarkable transformation, responding well to kind treatment and displaying immense potential. Blue becomes responsive and is re-trained to become the best K9 police dog the department has ever known.

Blue will keep you on the edge of your seat, wanting more. Follow his story as you cheer Blue on in his fight for a good life.