It's In The Bag! (What They Were Really Thinking) by Joe Vitulli

It's In The Bag! (What They Were Really Thinking) book promotion by Joe Vitulli

Two very funny guys get into very big trouble in this laugh riot. This the funniest book, loaded with sigh gags, incredible chases and snappy banter, that you will ever read.

The Nineteen Seventies, the world is rocked by the fuel crisis. American Auto businesses are laying off thousands of workers. Two such men, Ken and Angelo, two very funny guys, who get into very big trouble. Hold onto your chair, you're about to go on a crazy, wild ride with two of the zaniest characters ever created. Angelo and Ken, two zany guys who get themselves into big trouble. They stumble into possession of a mysterious Black Bag, containing Diamonds, stuffed into a locker at the bus depot by a certain Mr. Nunzio. Nunzio is no longer living, having died when Angelo pulled the hair off his chest.If you want snappy banter, outrageous chase scenes, including crashing into a small chapel during a wedding;and the attempt, dressed as Priests to board an airplane. Then dressed as Hasidic Jews, they actually get aboard an Amtrak train, only to be tossed off the moving train dressed only in their underwear, somewhere in Ohio.

They then steal clothing from a hotel room, later trying to escape by bicycles, chased by the clothe's owners, only to fall off a cliff, landing in a smelly garbage scow, the unkind Captain tossing them into the brown water. And don't forget Rheba, Rheba The Reptile, Angelo's sometime girlfriend who falls for the sob story from Hell. During the night, Rheba decides to "cozy" up to Angelo,only to be interrupted by Ken who's astonished to find his best friend about to make love with a man! Rheba chases them both out of her home. Finally, with help from Police Woman Nancy, the former Marvin Greenberg, the final explosive chase begins on Interstate Eighty, Nancy driving a small truck loaded with her furniture. Racing at high speed, chased by two cops, careening down the crowded highway, Nancy veers to avoid a stalled car, cutting off a large Chicken truck, which tips over, spilling thousands of live chickens on the now out of control interstate. And the two cops, The Fat Bastard and Lou, plus two inept Mafia guys, Vito and Rocco also in chase with a mob tinged Who's On First running gag as they pursue Ken and Angelo. Will they get to California? Does it matter? The running gags and incredible stunts make this a ride to remember. Don't miss the troop of Girl Scouts also chasing Ken and Angelo along with most Law Enforcement Agencies on the East Coast. You have never read anything like this. Not only do they make you weep with laughter, you actually get to see what they were really thinking.Hang on for the ride of your life, and please remember: It' In The Bag!