Inferno: Enemies to Lovers Romantic Suspense by Elle Darcy

Inferno: Enemies to Lovers Romantic Suspense book promotion by Elle Darcy

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A man of war, a woman to fight for.
A deliciously suspenseful steamy enemies to lovers’ romance to die for!

Gage O’Rourke, a broken warrior working for a gambling kingpin kidnaps, Sophie, a valiant young heiress to hold as leverage over her brother who has a gambling problem and owes the kingpin money.
Gage wants to escape the life he is in, and delivering Sophie is the key.
But then, along the way, he falls in love with Sophie, and vows to save her no matter the cost.
If you like a contemporary romance with undeniable chemistry, action, and the redemption of a wounded hero, then Inferno is the love story for you!
This sizzling alpha male kidnap romance will steal your heart from the first page and won't let go. Happily-ever-after guaranteed!


“I love you Sophie, and I would die for you. But that’s the problem. I’m a man who has spent too much time with death.”
She starts to say something, but I implore her to listen, to try and understand.
“I stood in that door just now and watched you, and I remembered how happy you were when I first set eyes on you. How you used to shine with a joy I have never known.”

Folding her slender fingers into my large paw I press her hand to my chest. I wish she could feel what’s in my heart. “But look at you now. How much sorrow and pain I have brought you.” My voice is no longer under my control.
“No, Gage you-”
“I’m no good for you. This is no good. You are the home I’ve wanted to come to, ever since I first saw you, but Sophie, you deserve someone better, someone whole, someone without the wounds of wars he should never have fought. Someone not destined to bring you heartache.”
I put her away from me firmly and rise to my feet.
“I have to leave,” my voice cracks. “Do you understand? Please tell me you understand.”  
“I understand Gage,” she says in a small voice.
Cradling the baby in her arms, she walks over to a warming crib. She sets the baby down gently and stands with her back to me looking down at the tiny infant.
Slowly, as if my feet are caught in quicksand, I walk towards the door, feeling with every step as if my heart is being torn from my body.
But it’s better this way.
Sophie murmurs a word, so softly, I nearly do not hear her.
Tenderly, she strokes the cheek of the sleeping baby.
“I think Gage,” she says softly. “Pain and sorrow come to us, one and all, at some time or another. But maybe, just maybe, this is all we get… this one chance, one choice… to have the courage to love.”
She turns to me.
“And I do have the courage to love,” she says with the bright, clear gaze I have come to love.