The Ace's Bounty - a historical, Western-style adventure by Jason B. Baker

The Ace's Bounty - a historical, Western-style adventure book promotion by Jason B. Baker

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The Barber brothers return home from fighting guerillas in the Civil War under a cloud of failure. Their parents have both passed away, their farm is failing, and they have received a mixed reception from the family and friends of those they served with.

Facing poverty and running out of options, they have a chance encounter with a U.S. Marshal with one arm, looking for men who can ride and shoot and have experience chasing outlaws. Elijah and Moses Barber might not have many skills in life, but they are just what the Marshal is looking for.

The marshal may not be what he's said; however, and while the brothers soon learn they're chasing a man who haunts them, they'll have to sort out their relationship with each other, a retired sheriff and former father figure, and the one-armed marshal to see if they can find redemption...and revenge.