The Secret - a YA/Scifi book by Topher Kaler

The Secret - a YA/Scifi book promotion by Topher Kaler

Be careful what you wish for…

When their home planet Eden is destroyed, a group of kids have to grow up very quickly. Led by the charismatic Samantha, a thirteen-year-old with a thirst for adventure, they leave everything they have ever known behind to escape on the newly built spaceship, the Lifeboat, not knowing if they will ever see their families again.

After a narrow escape from killer plants on one planet and hostile humans on another, Samantha and her crew begin to wonder if they will ever find somewhere to settle. However, when they come across New Paris—a colony originating from Earth on a planet achingly reminiscent of the ill-fated Eden—it seems like their dreams have come true. Yet still, Samantha and a small number of her crew yearn for adventure.

When adventure arrives, it brings with it death and destruction. But the crew of the Lifeboat prove themselves more than capable of meeting the threat head on, and defeating it, they head off into the depths of space in search of something new.

Thrown headlong into a series of tests that push them to their limits, Samantha and her crew come through triumph, terror and tragedy to discover a secret so shocking, it will turn the entire history of humanity on its head.

Fans of Sci-Fi and anyone who enjoys a fast-paced adventure will love this debut novel, the first in the Serendipity series.