Eradicator of all Ills by Bhasker Natarajan

Eradicator of all Ills book promotion by Bhasker Natarajan

The Eradicator of all Ills in this captivating debut novel is Parker Ruger, an unlikely billionaire with a complicated past. Endowed with the power to weaponize pandemic research, his decisions carry monumental geopolitical consequences. As he contemplates a path forward, he embarks on an introspective journey, reflecting on the pivotal choices that shaped his remarkable ascent from a forsaken orphan in a distant foreign land to the pinnacle of New York’s elite, exploiting every break and relentlessly eradicating any obstacles along the way.

Haunted by his harsh life at an Indian orphanage, Parker is both a witness and a victim of society’s deep-rooted casteism, fatalism, and fixation with fair skin. Horrific events at the orphanage lead him to the streets of Mumbai, where learns the intricacies of running a business. After a fortuitous accident brings him to America, Parker experiences friendships, violence, murder, and injustice, along with the seduction of Wall Street’s excess and speculation, shaping him into the man he is today.

Within this enthralling narrative lies a profound exploration of social mores, racial identities, the impact of terrorism, unwavering loyalty to friends, and devotion to family. In a world where money warps reality, and corruption corrodes access, what will Parker do with the power he holds? Will he choose to uplift all or eradicate all who stand in his way?