Her Every Secret: A Fall from Grace Romance Thriller by G.L. Redding

Her Every Secret: A Fall from Grace Romance Thriller book promotion by G.L. Redding

In the quiet, unassuming town of Missouri, where secrets are whispered behind closed doors and everyone knows everyone else's business, Zoey Miller sought refuge from her tumultuous past. Leaving her flashy PR job behind, she yearned for the solace of anonymity and the simplicity of a small-town life. Little did she know that her past would refuse to release its grip, and her carefully constructed facade was about to crumble.

The tranquility of Zoey's new life shatters when a chilling 911 call pierces the stillness. An innocent young girl's life hangs in the balance, the ransom for her safety none other than Zoey's most closely guarded secrets. Suddenly, she finds herself at the center of a twisted game, where her darkest truths are the currency for a life she never imagined she'd be responsible for.

Jack Moore, a former big-city detective, now patrols the peaceful streets of his hometown, tethered by familial obligations. Fate, however, has an unexpected twist in store for him when Zoey, his teenage crush, unexpectedly enters his life once more. Their fiery chemistry reignites, and Jack knows he wants more than just a fleeting connection. Yet, their budding romance is plunged into chaos as a malicious stalker forces Zoey's past into the harsh glare of public scrutiny.

As the stakes skyrocket, so do the emotions between Zoey and Jack. But Zoey is determined to shield Jack from the sordid truths she harbors, believing that a man as good as him could never accept someone as tarnished as her. The clock is ticking, and there's no escape from the relentless pursuit of the truth.

"Her Every Secret" is a gripping open-door romance thriller, a sizzling dance between suspense and desire. With a brooding, dedicated cop and a resilient, broken woman at its core, it's a story of love and redemption in the face of darkness, where secrets are bared and lives hang in the balance.