Parkwood Hills - A Gay Young Adult Mystery Thriller by Kristian Daniels

Parkwood Hills - A Gay Young Adult Mystery Thriller book promotion by Kristian Daniels

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Eighteen-year-old Joshua Redgrave can’t wait for the day when he leaves Parkwood Hills for the big city. This is until a new teacher arrives. Michael Pendergrass ignited the feeling that Joshua had been fighting since puberty.

As a teacher and the prospect of getting the rumour mills going in this small community, Michael must carefully decide what this would do to his career if he chose to give into his feelings for Joshua.

One evening, Joshua went to the park nearby and met Frederic Carson, a young man in town for a short holiday. The two began talking, and Joshua offered to be his guide around town.

What began as a friendly encounter soon turned more serious. But the two young men have some unresolved issues.