Permaculture Gardening for the Absolute Beginner - a motivating & fun gardening book by Josie Beckham & All We Need Publishing

Permaculture Gardening for the Absolute Beginner - a motivating & fun gardening book promotion by Josie Beckham & All We Need Publishing

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🌿 Ready to unlock the secrets to a lush, self-sustaining garden oasis, even if you’ve never held a trowel in your life? 🏡🍓 Get this book & load up on tools, confidence, and warm fuzzy feelings! 🤩

This is not another boring gardening textbook. Nor does it take a heavy-handed or overwhelming all-or-nothing approach to permaculture or gardening. Inside these pages, you’ll be invited into the garden with warmth, friendliness, inspiration, optimism, and loads of helpful information.

In this garden, you’re encouraged to enjoy the journey, take baby steps, and celebrate small wins. We'll cover all the basics with an easy-to-digest, motivating, hold-you-by-the-hand approach.

So get ready to discover your green thumb, and have a ton of fun doing it!

Here’s some of what readers have said:

★ “Beckham's book fulfills its promise to instill confidence in new gardeners. Her passion and ability to simplify complex concepts make it an essential companion for those venturing into permaculture.” Ola, Poland

★ ""It's beautifully written and removes all intimidation about a seemingly complex subject. You will feel like your best friend is walking you down permaculture lane, mentoring you in every aspect of the subject."" - Kristi J, USA

★ “This book is a living book. Reading it makes you feel like you are sitting by your garden with a friend who is sharing to you what she has already done that she knows will definitely help you.” - Nathalie Claire, Philippines

★ “I am a landscape planner, designer, and permaculture consultant … This is THE book for gardening. From now on, this will be the main book I recommend to my clients who are beginners, inspired by permaculture, and have no idea where to begin. In my opinion, it is an essential companion book for those getting started.” - Grant Depoy, USA

★ “This is the book I wish I had when I first felt a desire to plant a seed.” - Audun Bartnes, Netherlands