Forged In Dragons' Breath - an epic fantasy by Michael Lomonte

Forged In Dragons' Breath - an epic fantasy book promotion by Michael Lomonte

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…and in the power of two, all can be healed.  Or corrupted.

In the millenia that has passed since the great Purging Wars, men have struggled for dominion over the Territories.  Of their former partners, the dragons, not much is truly known.

An ancient artifact, the Orb of Power, has been wielded by many men over the millenia in their quest for power.  Some for good, some for naught.  Its rumored companion, a Scepter of Might, has been lost for centuries, reduced to myth– only once known to be  joined with the Orb in all of the histories.  These were forged in dragons’ breath at the end of the Purging Wars.

Although it is thought to be lost to men, this Scepter has been discovered by a swordsman named Kheldour, and learned of by Arlent, the last Orbwielder, a man bent on ruling the known Territories.

In the race to join the two artifacts, Kheldour and his wife Maryna are torn asunder, their world changed forever.   The lands are plunged into chaos and dragons reemerge to join in battle for power.  Only if they are able to unite the Orb and Scepter on this quest, will the couple have a chance to partner again.   This chase leads them to discoveries beyond their imaginations.