Reaper: Royal Bastards MC: Jacksonville, FL by Kathleen Kelly

Reaper: Royal Bastards MC: Jacksonville, FL book promotion by Kathleen Kelly

Reaper has no time for love or anything remotely romantic.

Lucy tests his patience and pushes his buttons like no other female would ever dare.

When her past comes looking for her, Reaper pretends he doesn't care.
When Lucy looks to him for help, he turns the other way.
But when she begs him to save her, something in him breaks.

If Reaper were to help Lucy, those who would wish him harm would see her as a way to get back at him. They would use her to hurt him.
And Reaper’s heart isn’t like everyone else’s—it no longer beats for love but for violence.

Lucy is going to test his strength, ability to protect his club, and maybe, just maybe, have his heart beat to a different tune.