Siphon's Wrath - a dark fantasy book by Daniel Trump

Siphon's Wrath - a dark fantasy book promotion by Daniel Trump

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Experience the rise - and maybe fall - of Siphon's Wrath, a dark fantasy hero guild trying to fight injustice and save lives in a dark and beautiful landscape full of dangers. Yukiko, a kind, quiet university student, looks for her missing mother - who traveled across the world in an attempt to research the end of the world. Tristan, trained assassin, loves the beautiful Gwenyth - but she married his rival  - the legendary paladin Rafe of Hampton. Savannah can do almost anything thanks to her religious gifts, and her beauty draws people into the guild. Grayson, quiet intellectual, loves her, but he cannot fight like the knights she finds enchanting. Siphon, the legendary hero, leader of Siphon's Wrath, is a hero and a suspect in many things - can he keep it together in the midst of madness and murder? Check out this explicit dark fantasy by genre novelist Daniel Trump.