The Avantae Chronicles - Rise of Rouhn by Joel Kelly

The Avantae Chronicles - Rise of Rouhn book promotion by Joel Kelly

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“Through the darkness that lay spread out before him, lightning suddenly sprang forth and raced across the clouds to a single point above the tree. In a blinding flash of light and thunder, a lightning bolt bigger than anything Devin had ever seen slammed into the tree, exploding the mighty oak. Smoking shards of wood flung into the sky in all directions and rained down splintery burning shrapnel everywhere, sending Devin toppling over backward."

Swept up in events that first transpired ages ago, Devin’s simple life becomes an epic tale, recounted as fabled legend. With a shadow looming over him, is he really the hero foretold, a villain in the making, or a fool destined to fail? Being hunted while accompanied by his best friend John, Devin tries to make sense of a murder, schemes, mysteries, and what it means to be an Avantae.

Avantae: Rise of Rouhn is the first book in a dark mystery trilogy, with a deep, rich, and complex swords & sorcery storyline. This work has been written with adults and young adults in mind, it is recommended that due to graphic battles and difficult plotlines, the reader should be at least a high school reading level. This book is not suitable for small children.