The Book of Power - horror book by Charles Quince

The Book of Power - horror book promotion by Charles Quince

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The Book of Power is an epic, 40,839-word supernatural thriller featuring Hope Bankston, an ambitious but inefficient financial investment manager who must decide if achieving her greatest desires is worth the price of losing her soul.

Hope has fulfilled her dream of working for a prosperous investment firm. However, there’s one caveat: her inability to do the job. Her situation would be hopeless if not for a beacon of light in the form of a magical book that she received as a gift from a fortune teller. Without the book’s help – provisional on a troubling set of conditions – she would never have made it at the investment firm. Then, disastrously, she loses it. Her confidence in her own future is threatened along with her already tenuous position at the investment firm.

Unable to keep up with her job’s demands, Hope finds herself in despair. The dark entities associated with the book are closing in on her. The book falls into the hands of one of Hope’s co-workers, who finds out not only about its magic but also about the darkness attached to it. Ultimately, with a good friend’s advice – Hope learns that the most important thing is the magic of believing in oneself.