The First Two Companions by Omayra Vélez

The First Two Companions book promotion by Omayra Vélez

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Hello, I am June Dunbar, and I am in a pickle. One moment, I was home in California, and the next, I ended up in a horrible world with giants, zombies that collect taxes, magical beings, and no AC. It is definitely not earth. The sad part is that I can’t return to Cali, at least not yet. Why? Because a tree turned me blue. Yes, blue, and I have magic.

To make matters worse, I’m supposed to be the leader of a group of thirteen, and I am bipolar without my medication. Oh yes, this is bound to get interesting. They call me the First Companion.

I am Kara Ter Kushtaneo. I am an assassin for the emperor. My people, the Athany, are cursed. We must obey the Falestos Emperor, or we slowly go insane and die. What makes me different? I stopped killing unless it was to defend myself, and I am still alive and very much sane. One day, after a raid on a town, I had an encounter with a little woman with black hair. My vision turned red, and so did I. Skin and hair, I am all red. My boss is ecstatic and wants to throw a party. I am now the Second Companion.

Eleven others in this group, all with magic, are scattered around the land of Vayan. All thirteen must get together and choose a new leader, but do you think Emperor Klastos Falesto will let his throne go so easily? The man stole the throne from his oldest brother. He killed his father and youngest brother for the throne of the four kingdoms. He destroyed all the dragons and red trees to gain his empire.
The saga begins for the freedom of an Empire.