Of Love and Sabotage - a novel by Robert R Randall

Of Love and Sabotage - a novel book promotion by Robert R Randall

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At sixteen, back in Mississippi, Abigail had a baby that she could not keep. Taken advantage of by an older boy, she still has difficulty trusting men. Her new love, Raymond, forever searching for “Miss Right,” attempts to juggle two intimate relationships while he sees a psychotherapist for the sexual abuse he endured as a teen. His best friend, Harry, a Houston disc jockey and recovering alcoholic, still fights his own inner demons. And gorgeous Trish, who looks more like a Hollywood starlet than a college student, suffers from OCD, Manic-Depression and the crippling illusion that she and Raymond (who is now seeing Abigail) ‘are practically engaged.’

When the four collide in Houston in the early 1950s, young love blossoms only to fail and perhaps blossom again, as old narratives and past traumas play out in their lives.
By turns shocking, sad, enlightening and hilarious, Of Love and Sabotage explores the age-old mysteries of the human condition and how some find a way to live with them.