Avenging Love - Exciting Christian Fiction by Kevin Mansoor

Avenging Love - Exciting Christian Fiction book advertising Kevin Mansoor

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Within the enchanted realms of imagination, Kevin Mansoor artfully crafts tales that whisk readers away to worlds where reality melds seamlessly with fantasy. His quill, touched by moonlight, breathes life into imaginative characters that leap off the page, conjuring epic adventures that push boundaries and urge readers to embrace the extraordinary.

Enter the international best-selling debut of the Trinitarian Knights collection, "Avenging Love," a journey that propels readers into a realm uncannily similar to our own. Yet, for David, the boundaries between dimensions blur, revealing a world coexisting with angels and demons. Amid this duality, his heartache stems from the loss of his beloved wife, Sarah, taken from him by the demon dimension three years past.

David, alongside his guilt-laden Saint Bernard Duke, embarks on a quest to avenge their love and find solace for their tormented souls. Though the path ahead is clear, it leads through the very gates of Hell itself. Can David break free from the clutches of the tequila bottle he's hidden behind for years? Will the enigmatic 2000-year-old Emma guide him to heed his heart's call? And when David enters an unwinnable battle, will the Archangel Michael stand by his side?

Through a riveting journey, David and Duke confront their deepest personal demons. Will they find the courage to banish their haunting pasts? Join them as they traverse a perilous path, facing their own shadows head-on in a tale that resonates with both heartache and hope.