Beneath the Elven Moon - a slow burn Elven and human fantasy romance by Harley Ness

Beneath the Elven Moon - a slow burn Elven and human fantasy romance book advertising Harley Ness

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Thea has always felt different. Her best friend Dean understands her better than anyone. But when her father dies and Dean is halfway across the world, she feels more lost than ever. After she locks eyes with the alluring Arlen Castien, she’s drawn to him like a magnet. Thea knows that when Dean returns home, she’ll be torn between her true feelings for both men.

She soon discovers Arlen is Elven, and her feelings for him only deepen. But she quickly realizes that so does the threat of an ancient Elven clan determined to maintain the purity of Elven bloodlines. And that they’ll kill to protect it.
As Thea’s spiritual gifts grow, she must learn to trust her instincts, and follow her heart. But if it’s fate that has pulled her in so deep, is it even her own choice to make?

Beneath the Elven Moon is the first book in the Horizon series, a slow-burn Elven and human fantasy romance inspired by the concept of soul mates. It has paranormal vibes, an aching love triangle, and a low magic urban world that you can get lost in. The series builds in fantasy, action and romance, and has themes of death and spirituality woven throughout.