The Enthronement - A Intrigue filled royalty fantasy romance by Charity Mae

The Enthronement - A Intrigue filled royalty fantasy romance book marketing Charity Mae

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She shattered her heart to save her people. Will it be enough to redeem her kingdom, or will the rebels demand payment in blood?

Kascia is devastated by the Enthronement. She never saw the frivolous contest to prove a true princess and marry the prince as anything more than a waste of time. But when her father and arranged fiancé convince her to do whatever it takes to win so they can assassinate the corrupt prince, she's left shattered and furious.

Wishing there was another way, Kascia submits her name for the Enthronement, crushing what's left of her heart. But when the royal family isn't the cruel tyrants Kascia expects them to be, uncertainty clouds her path, turning a clear directive into a dangerous minefield threatening to lead her and her people to their deaths.

Can Kascia sacrifice her heart to uncover the truth before it's too late, or will innocent blood be on her hands?

The Enthronement is the thrilling first book in The Enthronement series, an epic fantasy romance series. If you like royal intrigue, forbidden romance, and swoon-worthy heroes, you'll love Charity Mae's enchanting tale.