EXTINCTION WARRIOR - an exotic, action-packed sci-fi adventure by Susan B. Wile

EXTINCTION WARRIOR - an exotic, action-packed sci-fi adventure book promotion Susan B. Wile

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Set in the year 2055, this inspiring fantasy sheds light on the perils of climate change and the extinction crisis while shining a hopeful light on a seemingly insurmountable situation.

As scientist-detectives for World Endangered Animal Police Protection (WEAPP), Luki’s parents go missing in the Bering Strait while hunting White Wolf, leader of the Red Dragons, animal traffickers. When Luki activates Tuk, he convinces her there is only one thing to do—masquerade as traffickers to find White Wolf and her parents. She lies to her adoptive Indigenous grandparents and sets off from her remote home with Tuk and her pet fox, Mig traveling the world, collecting endangereds to entice the leader. They eventually locate White Wolf and gain access to his superyacht where disaster strikes.

Their travels take them from a cyclone in Tahiti into the aftermath of a hurricane in Puerto Rico. They face an Eagle owl attack in Russia, a porcupine attack in the Transylvanian Alps, the stinging bites of driver ants in the Serengeti, and the possibility of pirates in the Mozambique Channel before making their way to White Wolf's superyacht in the Bay of Bengal near Myanmar— where they confront a series of shocking discoveries.

As the story unfolds, readers learn about Partula snails, Puerto Rican crested toads, cinereous vultures, African wild dogs, radiated tortoises, pangolins, tarsiers, and a variety of other animals while gaining insight into indigenous Arctic culture, diverse environments and acquire a greater understanding of world geography from maps throughout the text.