Pool People: A Humorous 1980s Yuppie Murder Mystery by Gina Popp

Pool People: A Humorous 1980s Yuppie Murder Mystery book promotion Gina Popp

The year is 1987. And the Brookside Village apartment complex pool where Phoebe, a lovelorn art director . . . Leo, a mysterious, Ferrari-driving divorcĂ© . . . Brad, a crazy day trader with a love of little powdered sugar donuts . . . and Roberta, a private investigator and part-time stripper, live is the place to be for this upwardly mobile crowd. Known simply as the Party Pool, it is even hotter at night than it is at high noon. And that’s saying something because the story is set in Dallas, Texas, where sun-scorched days are the norm.


He drove a brand new 1987 Ferrari. And he looked like his car. Hot. Fast. Italian.

Iris and Lily. These two girls were a rare breed of social butterflies that migrated across cliques and social barriers with a mere fluttering of their graceful wings.

“Live fast. Tan deeply. Die young.”  One of them mumbled. I’m not sure which one because both had beer cans pressed to their lips.