The Suicide Switch - a genre bending medical thriller by Dana Ravyn

The Suicide Switch - a genre bending medical thriller book promotion sites by Dana Ravyn

What if there was a biological switch in the brain that can turn suicidal behavior on and off?

It might be more possible than you think. Holding the key to suicide might seem like a chance to save lives. But to others, it awakens the darkest impulses. The ability to choose between life and death is too great a temptation for those who lust for power over their enemies. When psychiatrist Jules Solaris blows the whistle on his mentor for falsifying their adolescent suicide research results, he opens the floodgates to an international conspiracy that takes him from the halls of Ivy League medicine to 5 countries in search of the truth. In Bangkok, Jules meets and falls in love with investigative journalist Astrid Källström, and the two vow to expose the global adversaries who will stop at nothing to get their hands on the secrets of ‘the suicide switch.’ But not everything is what it seems. Astrid's appearance on the scene and interest in Jules raises questions, while a shocking revelation about Jules' past working for an NGO in Thailand challenges their bond.

The Suicide Switch is a genre-bending read with a tantalizing slow-burn reminiscent of Scandinavian Noir. The Suicide Switch is as packed with suspense and action as it is with complex characters and thematic depth that will appeal to readers across genres and generations.