The Wolf and The Moon Seeker by Stephanie Teer

The Wolf and The Moon Seeker book promotion by Stephanie Teer

From the Author of The Wild Animal Kids Club books, comes a new series following the characters three years later. Written for upper middle grade young readers, the story includes themes of friendship, self-discovery and embracing one's destiny. It's an enchanting fantasy that is filled with magical spirit animals and friendship between the League Warriors destined to defeat the evil force coming to destroy Earth's wild creatures.

With no memory of his past, fourteen-year-old Mateo Reyes must embark on a journey to discover the warrior within as he sets out to search for the mystical white wolf that invades his dreams, night after night. It's not easy to trust when his world is shrouded in a cloud of misery. With the voices that constantly remind him that he's unworthy and unwanted in the world, he now needs to listen to the only voice that's protected him all his life.

The moon. She says it's time to trust. And she's never wrong!