The Wrong Calamity: A Memoir of Survival by Marsha Jacobson

The Wrong Calamity: A Memoir of Survival book advertising Marsha Jacobson

An intimate and compellingly honest memoir of a woman coming into her own after profound pain and grief.

Grappling with neglect, eating disorders, domestic violence, single parenthood, and the contagiousness of trauma, The Wrong Calamity is a powerful story of calamity, discovery, and triumph.

Marsha, a freshman lacking self-confidence, falls prey to a controlling man at college. Afraid to say no, she agrees to marry him and move to Japan, where she unexpectedly gets a job at Mattel Toys. As she becomes successful, her husband becomes more abusive. Back in America, she and their two toddlers escape from him in a dramatic police chase. Determined to succeed, she earns a Harvard MBA and builds a career, all while raising her girls and fending off her vengeful ex-husband. Later, she marries a former colleague. Their marriage is joyful—until his buried past reveals itself and shatters their marriage, her career, and many close relationships.

With brave honesty, Marsha gives voice to the lived experience of grief and shares her insights on how she became resilient, rediscovered herself, and now has a happy, fulfilling life. The Wrong Calamity is a compelling and inspiring memoir.