AWOKEN, Conspiracy or Theory? by Donald A. Galade

AWOKEN, Conspiracy or Theory? religious book marketing Donald A. Galade

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Inside this book you will learn:

An elite group asserts dominance and control of every aspect of your life, including your afterlife. Individual freedoms are sacrificed for the so-called greater good. A New World Order crushes dissidents, and this select group has the power to shape the future of humanity.

What if all conspiracy theories you have heard for decades were not only true, but were all connected? What if you were told the creation of this New World Order required the participation, knowingly or not, of every former U.S. President and World Leader since 1900?

What if proof existed that all secret societies like the Illuminati, Freemasons, and Skull and Bones, were used by Satan and his Antichrist?

Who is this Antichrist? When will he appear? Where will he come from? Even those who do not know Jesus Christ, know of the Antichrist.

As the world’s nuclear superpowers sail their armadas to the Middle East, is the stage set for WW3? Is this where we will see the revealing of the Antichrist?  

There will come a descendant of Muhammad who will be loved by the entire world. Even the elect will view him as a peaceful, charismatic world leader, initially. As he arrives on a white horse, the Suni Muslims will know him as the Muslim Christ. The Shiite Muslims will know him as the Mahdi.

Christians know him as the Antichrist.

Thanks to the World Currency, he will reign over the New World Order, and rule the World Religion from Jerusalem!

But Not For Long!

Satan has a plan so devious, and “WOKE” many Christians do not realize a dark “spirit” of religion has replaced our relationship with Christ.  

Are you AWOKEN? Will you spend eternity in Hell fighting for a cause you never understood?

This is a must-read for believers and non-believers alike.

Together Let Us Discover: Who Woke The Church!