The Lost Sister - a murder mystery by RJ Wilds

The Lost Sister - a murder mystery book promotion RJ Wilds

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A sleazy sex swami steals money and lives. Ex-cop Robin Goode must decide if she should stop him or die trying. She has learned that what doesn’t kill her had better run.

After a bloody fight that left four corpses and no witnesses, damaged but determined Maine cop Robin Goode admitted nothing and asked only where to turn in her badge.

She is alone and alive, leaving her history of fighting to the death behind. Traveling America in a van while singing along with the radio, she is happy and free until she gets a summons to return home to Maine.

Robin's friend Tygah Is the only one who understood her. They pledged they would come help if summoned. Now her childhood heiress lost sister has disappeared to an isolated island off Maine’s coast. A secretive sex swami recruits the beautiful and wealthy for their bodies and money. The deadline for the lost sister’s trust fund to come into her hands approaches and she can lose it all if persuaded to donate it to the cult.

Robin has a choice—should she flee back to the freedom of the road or infiltrate the cruel sex cult to rescue the only friend that counseled her?
Action means she will be on an isolated island, surrounded and suffocated by true believers in the sleazy swami. Robin knows out at sea, no one can hear you scream.
Robin would need all her skills in working undercover with the potential of immediate violence to save herself and her friend.

Will Robin succeed in spiriting away Tygah from the prison of the Swami’s lies or will they get shut down and imprisoned as sex slaves or corpses?

The Lost Sister is the second book in the Robin Goode Maine Murder Mystery Series. It is a police procedural kidnapping vigilante justice mystery thriller in the tough choices tradition.

If you like dogged investigators who won’t back down from opposition, get justice for weaker innocents and show courage in the face of bloody danger, you’ll like
Can Robin pull her friend from the snapping jaws of the sleazy swami without getting devoured?

Read The Lost Sister to see if Robin can retrieve the lost sister and her fortune!