America vs. Americans: How Capitalism Has Failed a Capitalist Nation and What We Can Do About It by Eric Wade

America vs. Americans: How Capitalism Has Failed a Capitalist Nation and What We Can Do About It political book marketing Eric Wade

In America vs. Americans, Eric Wade presents American Laborism, a revolutionary new economic system, where the greatest commodity isn’t cash, it’s work.

Capitalism is broken.

Despite its successes, capitalism gives us the largest wealth gap in American history, failing Social Security, a weak currency, and a looming threat of AI destroying our workforce.

We need a new system—one built around people rather than capital. A system that values each person’s unique contribution, ingenuity, and hard work—their labor. A system in which the greatest commodity isn’t cash; it’s work. And a system in which Americans at every level of society and government are working together.

We need American Laborism, a revolutionary new system that presents a workable, low-tax form of capitalism for those who want it—and a dignified, healthy, happy, and fulfilled life for everyone else.

Under American Laborism, if you’re happy with the current capitalist system, great! Carry on—but you’ll get to do it with a smaller government, fewer regulations, better-educated employees, and lower taxes.

And if capitalism hasn’t worked out as well for you, you get access to unlimited free education and training, guaranteed housing and food, and a sound asset-backed currency.

Everybody wins!

American Laborism isn’t just a replacement for capitalism. It’s an upgrade. Every American has the right to live a life of dignity, to contribute, and to ensure that their basic needs are respected by their society.

American Laborism can improve the lives of every American by bringing the least among us up . . . without bringing anyone else down.

It’s time to heal our nation.

It’s time for American Laborism.