Business Trip: The Bathhouse by Franco de Rocco

Business Trip: The Bathhouse book promotion Franco de Rocco

Professional businessman Johnathan Cummings finds himself on a business trip in Seattle, Washington, that promises more than just meetings and corporate dinners. This journey is his escape, an opportunity to explore his suppressed desires, far from familiar and prying eyes - notably those of his husband.

Johnathan has long been a devoted partner, but the recent revelation of his husband's indiscretions has left him reeling and questioning the monogamous constraints they've agreed upon. The pain of betrayal awakens in him a thirst for sexual fulfillment, a need that has been neglected and ignored for too long.

As he steps into the vibrant gay scene of Seattle, he embarks on an erotic adventure, indulging in experiences he'd only dreamed of. It's a weekend filled with tantalizing encounters and passionate connections, a haven where Johnathan can freely express his sexuality without judgment or fear.

Business Trip: The Bathhouse is the first short story of the series. It's a riveting gay erotica that delves into Johnathan's journey of self-discovery, satisfaction, and liberation.