Don't Poke the Bear - A Memoir About Recovering From Abuse by a Narcissist by Maria Schmeig

Don't Poke the Bear - A Memoir About Recovering From Abuse by a Narcissist non fiction book marketing site Maria Schmeig

Maria Schmeig’s harrowing tale begins with “This nightmare ends today,” and for anyone who has experienced the torment of emotional abuse, her story offers hope and healing. At age 29, Maria believed she had discovered her soul mate, and a whirlwind romance led to marriage. However, the blissful fa├žade soon crumbled, revealing a narcissistic husband who unleashed an onslaught of mistreatment upon her. For a staggering twenty-eight years, Maria endured this emotional anguish, but her unwavering resilience ultimately set her free.

In Don’t Poke the Bear, Maria candidly recounts her tumultuous marriage to a narcissist. She details the challenges of raising three children in an environment fraught with the need to tread cautiously, never certain when the next rage would ensue. She describes how almost every holiday and vacation was ruined by an unprovoked rage. She details how her spouse secretly stole money from her. She sheds light on the manipulation and gaslighting she endured from her spouse and reflects on her coping mechanisms. She beautifully compares her gentle father's nurturing to the uncaring, self-indulgence of her spouse. Her perpetual bewilderment at her spouse’s violent outbursts was a constant companion until she recognized the narcissistic pattern near the end.

This memoir chronicles her journey from the initial love-bombing to the heart-wrenching ultimate discard. It describes the exhilaration of early romance, the long, dark years of abuse and finally the protracted, bitterly contentious divorce, a grueling process exacerbated by her spouse’s unyielding intransigence, which stretched over two excruciating years. Throughout her ordeal, Maria found solace in her supportive family, particularly her three now-adult children, her friends and her unwavering faith. Her story ends on a hopeful note. She ultimately escaped and found peace. She worked on becoming a better version of herself and created a new life for herself.

Don’t Poke the Bear is not just Maria’s story; it echoes the experiences of countless other victims. It stands as a testament to the resilience required during life’s darkest hours and the unwavering courage it takes to break free from the chains of abuse.