Psalm of Vampires (The Mourning Vampire Book 1) by Charles White

Psalm of Vampires (The Mourning Vampire Book 1) book marketing Charles White

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From the author:

Have you ever wondered if those people who stream on the internet all day and night ever get any sleep? Well, they don't get much. Some of them are vampires, like my new friend Jade Mourning.

Jade, who often interrupts me when I'm doing important things, recently asked me how I plan to classify my first novel about him.

"Even though I'm a vampire," he said after appearing out of nowhere while I was stuffing my face at The Waffle House, "it can't just be a vampire book, right? I mean, it's kind of a buddy cop novel, too. A police procedural. A mystery. But it's also a romance."

"Well," I tried to say through a sticky pile of food the size of a fist, "You swear too much for the Twilight crowd. So, not YA romance, for sure. Anyway, it's also kind of a dark comedy."

He looked a little hurt when I said that, but I shrugged and focused on my waffle. I figured, as an indie author, it may be my last good meal for a while (I had earlier scored on a Kickstarter campaign that netted me enough for one great breakfast).

You would think that the nephew of Alexander the Great would have conquered all problems during his 2,000-year life, but no. He’s fallen in love with a human, his vampire-lover-friend Moreland claims she had his child a millennia ago, the Atlanta PD suspects Jade and his friend Charly of a gruesome murder, and the ruthless House of Longtooth appears to be on a rampage. Oh, and his wife from long ago may still be alive after he thought Moreland had killed her.

Then there's the small problem of entire towns getting wiped out by an emerging threat — a new hybrid of beings thanks to some DNA editing that — well, I don't want to give away too much.

Jade finds himself forced into a very uneasy alliance with one of the detectives investigating him — a vampire hunter who shares a past with Jade in a surprising way. As the body count rises, so does the necessity of their alliance.

As the world around him starts to cave in, Jade must also deal with emotions that are stirred up by his human love interest and the possibility that his wife may still be alive.

It’s hard enough to prevent an extinction event. But when you live the wild lifestyle of a vampire influencer who has an almost fatal attraction to humans, it becomes a dark comedy of errors. In the end, it’s Jade’s own humanity that holds the key to the fate of the world.
Psalm of Vampires is written by Charles White, the author of MagicLand (writing as Charles Bastille), which was a finalist for a 2023 Feathered Quill Book Award.