You Are The Solution: Harness your Mind’s Power For Success And Inner Peace by Carmen J. Mora

You Are The Solution: Harness your Mind’s Power For Success And Inner Peace non fiction book promotion Carmen J. Mora

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Everything you need to eliminate fear and doubt and take control of your life is within you. Keep reading to discover the three simple but proven steps to unlocking a meaningful life!

Do you often feel you’re living an endless cycle of waking up, going to work, doing chores, going to bed – only to do it again the next day?

Do you find yourself questioning every little thing you do – your work, your role, your purpose, your future – only to end up with more unanswered questions?

Or do you think your life can neither get any better nor worse, and you just have to live with it?

As society continues to define happiness as having the dream job, newest car, best vacation spot, or even a relationship, people start thinking they have to pursue happiness to be happy.

People think positions, material things, and relationships can bring them happiness, but the sad news is some people get everything they want in life and still feel unhappy.

You might ask yourself, what does it take to be happy and peaceful with where you are right now?

The answer might surprise you.

And if you’re tired of…

Having a monotonous and humdrum approach to life
Asking the same questions and not getting answers
Chasing society’s distorted view of happiness and success
And you’re ready to face the truth and find answers – you’re in the right place.