Fury: A Cinderella Story by David Allen

Fury: A Cinderella Story horror fiction book promotion David Allen

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When Cindy Tremaine showed up to the office work meeting Monday morning, no one was surprised given her legendary work ethic. Except for Cooper Washington, who killed her three nights earlier.

Cindy Tremaine is the best employee Cleaning California has, and helped turn is from an idea to a regional powerhouse. She and her best friends, the stepsisters Anna and Jay Hildebrand, are related when they find out they are going to be merging with Royal Crown industries, a global leader in technology and architecture, founded by Gable Washington.

At a ball to celebrate the merger, she meets Cooper Washington, the unbelievably handsome and charismatic son of Gable, and heir to the company. Along with his two friends, Ronnie andEmery, he uses his prince charming persona to lead Cindy into a night out, in which she ends up drugged and dies as a result. The three men panic and hide her body and put a plan together to get away with the crime. A plan which didn’t account for Cindy arriving back at work. Cindy, along with the stepsisters, vow vengeance as the men try to figure out a way to stop her.