God Doesn't Care...As Much As You Do by Matthew E Dedewo

God Doesn't Care...As Much As You Do religious book promotion by Matthew E Dedewo

God Doesn't Care As Much As You Do is written from the perspective of a non-human. Science, logic and common sense are used to expose man made doctrines promoted by theists as well as fallacies held by atheists. The human experience is broken down scientifically. It is then compared with the laws of science in a way that implies the existence of an Ultimate Perfect Power.

An Ultimate Perfect Power that encompasses the required characteristics of Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence is beyond the human flaws and characteristics that theists attribute to their gods; so some will feel threatened by such a notion. Such a force would not care.

Atheists may not like the idea of something greater than human consciousness (of which we have yet to fully understand) in the universe (that we only know 5% of); but such a force would not care.

A valiant attempt is also made at a Grand Unified Theory that not only unifies the four fundamental forces, and explains phenomenon like Dark Energy/Matter, but also explains the soul. With topics like Time, Consciousness, the Fate of the Universe, and the Misinterpretation of Christ, this ground breaking work may be ahead of its time. It may lead to a feeling of despair for theists at first but the truth only hurts as it sets you free because one must break from the chains of illusions and misconceptions.

This book is sure to be seen as controversial by some, but refreshing by most.