Power In Justice (DeLaney Mob Series) by Kirby Ann

Power In Justice (DeLaney Mob Series) thriller book promotion by Kirby Ann

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In this new installment of the super popular DeLaney Mob Series, Andrea de Laney embarks on a mission to restore order to her tumultuous world. Determined to seek justice for herself, Berkland, and the people she holds dear, Andrea navigates a treacherous path toward the truth. With a breakthrough in her pursuit of the F.A.D.F. fund, Andrea unleashes her skills to settle unfinished business.

As the tension escalates between the DeLaney Mob and the O'Hare Mafia, the long-awaited confrontation looms on the horizon. Simultaneously, the most significant event of the year approaches, adding urgency to Andrea's already relentless race against the clock. Struggling to find equilibrium between her high-stakes endeavors and her blossoming relationship with Valerie, Andrea must strike a delicate balance to safeguard both her personal and professional life. A new fiancée and baby on the way bring new perspective to her world.

Determination fuels her relentless pursuit of truth, justice, and redemption. As alliances are tested, secrets unravel, and loyalties are put to the ultimate test, she faces her biggest challenges yet. Andrea must summon every ounce of her strength, intellect, and resourcefulness to ensure her world doesn't come apart.

Prepare for unexpected twists as Andrea de Laney battles against the clock. Will she emerge victorious, restoring harmony to her world, or will the forces aligned against her bring about her ultimate downfall? Brace yourself for passion, loyalty, and sacrifice to entwine, propelling Andrea toward a climactic showdown that will redefine her destiny.