The Search: A Historical Fiction Novel by Dewayne Rahe

The Search: A Historical Fiction Novel book promotion by Dewayne Rahe

Journey into 1910 Iowa: Where Mystery, Adventure & Destiny Collide in Fred Schmidt's Pursuit of Life's True Purpose in The Search.

In rural Iowa, 1910, Fred Schmidt faces life's pivotal question: How should he live his life? This compelling historical fiction transports readers into a world bursting with real and mystical characters. Teamed up with Artie Holberg, the ambitious son of a renowned horse trader, Fred embarks on an enthralling adventure-from a daring scheme in Minnesota to a treacherous escapade in pre-World War I Europe. Encounters with enigmatic figures like Count Von Drathen and the beautifully captivating Baroness Van Essen weave a tapestry of suspense, mystery, and revelation.

Dewayne Rahe, inspired by the rich background of his cultural heritage and history, masterfully blends history, destiny, and adventure in The Search. A tale about finding oneself amid life's mysteries, this riveting narrative beautifully encapsulates the universal struggle of choosing one's own path.

A must-read for fans of historical fiction, journey with Fred as he navigates the intricate map of destiny, love, and intrigue. Will the mystical voice guiding him reveal the truth he seeks? Dive in to uncover the thrilling conclusion. Don't just read a story, experience the search for destiny.