APHRODESIA: Death by Passion by John Oehler

APHRODESIA:  Death by Passion mystery book promotion by John Oehler

This book is on discount promotion on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $4.99) 3/21/2024 - 3/27/2024!

Eric Foster, a student at France’s top perfume institute, is ecstatic when a fragrance he creates turns out to be a powerful aphrodisiac – similar to that used by the Queen of Sheba to lure King Solomon to her bed.  But when his creation is tied to a series of homicides, he becomes the prime suspect. To prove his innocence, he ventures with forensic colleague, Tanya, into the dark underbelly of the world of fragrances. APHRODESIA takes you to Versailles, NY, Yemen and Paris. You will never think the same of scent.