Chasing Money - A Marty and Bo Thriller by Michael Balter

Chasing Money - A Marty and Bo Thriller book promotion Michael Balter

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The murder of a shady art dealer kicks off a desperate search for $10 million and a missing masterpiece. How far will Marty and Bo go to keep their business, their families, and themselves alive?

Winner - 2024 Feathered Quill Award - Mystery Thriller Suspense
Winner - 2023 Best Indie Book Award - Crime Thriller

Marty Schott is having a very bad day. His dreams of wealth are dying along with his struggling startup. His bank account is empty. His wife is threatening to leave him. Marty and his business partners have pinned their hopes on a meeting with a new investor at a fishing cabin on the slopes of Mt Hood. Instead, they’re held at gunpoint by a Russian killer. When he murders their newest business partner in front of them, Marty and Bo are plunged into a dangerous game that could cost them everything.

To save their lives, the two friends bargain for time to find and return ten million dollars and a mysterious missing painting the killer claims they stole. There’s only one problem. They don’t have any idea what he’s talking about. The only man who might know is their dead partner, Nico, who won’t be spilling his secrets now.

Nico was a paradox, a small-time art dealer with big-time money. He’d come to them with cash to invest, connections in the art world, and a creative idea. Maybe they should have asked Nico more questions - but Marty and Bo needed the money. Now, they have to navigate a web of lies, untangling the connections between Nico and a strip club owner, an aging artist, a bogus baron, and a talented forger.

Their frantic search will uncover a web of greed and deception - and a painting that might be the world’s most valuable missing masterpiece.

"Gritty descriptions, simmering threats, and a wry sense of humor contribute to a countdown to disaster. Exceptionally clever and compelling." - Midwest Book Review

"Packed with action. A strong voice paired with authentic dialogue… Witty and engaging.” The BookLife Prize

"A gritty, heart-pounding thriller that grabs you from the first page and won’t let you get away!” - Michael Lindley, author of the Amazon #1 Low Country mystery series.

"The DaVinci Code for grownups. Don't miss this impressive debut novel!" - Warren C. Easley, author of the award-winning Cal Claxton Mysteries.