The Mental Health Nurse - a psychological thriller by April E Swan

The Mental Health Nurse - a psychological thriller book promotion by April E Swan

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Slick, sexy, and thrilling...A page-turner that will keep you awake until the small hours.




Twenty-three-year-old Ellie has it all. She's beautiful, working in her dream nursing job, and is liked and respected by her colleagues.

But, can you trust her?

Ellie's life begins to spiral out of control when she rebuffs an unwanted admirer's sexual advances at her best friend's birthday party. Despite the disturbing events that unfold, Ellie is empowered and surprised by her need for vengeance. She knows her actions are wrong, but serving up justice feels oh-so-good. When her Mum suggests she join a dating app, to find a 'nice' man, Ellie is reluctant. After all, the men on these apps are only after one thing...However, Ellie decides she can use the app to her advantage, weeding out the bad men who don't realise that sometimes the hunter can become the prey...

But then she meets Lee.

Finding love was never part of the plan. Lee is everything that Ellie feels has been missing from her life. There's only one problem. Lee isn't the man he appears to be he safe now Ellie has seen his true colours?

After all, there is no such thing as a dangerous woman, there are only susceptible men ...