The Night When The Gods Danced - Folk Stories by Saji Madapat

The Night When The Gods Danced - Folk Stories Book Promotion by Saji Madapat

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Theyyam bridges between humanity and the divine, while this book bridges readers to the vibrant realm of Theyyam.

Theyyam, a cultural marvel crafted five centuries ago, has endured through time, weaving together art and ritual in a mesmerizing display. In stunning images and mesmerizing videos from the 2023 Chirakkal Perumkaliyattam Festival and in captivating stories, this book reveals the authentic essence of Theyyam.

Over a hundred esteemed scholars worldwide have contributed to this volume, delving into Theyyam's extensive history, unraveling its cultural significance, and unveiling the intricate details of its elaborate ceremonies. "The Night When Gods Danced" serves as a comprehensive insight into Theyyam for newbies and aficionados alike, recounting the stories of forty original deities whose legacy metamorphosed into over four hundred entities that descended to earth through Theyyam.

This book is dedicated to the Theyyam artists, the veritable Gods "of the People, by the People, for the People." Proceeds from this book will be donated to those needful performers in Kerala, the enchanting 'God's Own Country.'