Ruby Warriors - a fantastical adventure journey by Jeya Carmichael

Ruby Warriors - a fantastical adventure journey book promotion Jeya Carmichael

In the enchanting world of Arth, three unsuspecting tweens—Aurora, Lance, and Lizzy—are thrust into a destiny beyond their wildest dreams. Suddenly discovering their royal lineage, they are the prophesied saviors destined to rescue Arth from the clutches of marauders draining the realm of its lifeblood—precious minerals—and enslaving its diverse inhabitants.

As the Royal children, their mission is twofold: save Arth and navigate the perilous journey back to their families. The clock is ticking, and the trio must unlock their latent powers, face daunting challenges, and forge unbreakable bonds to fulfill the prophecy. From the lush landscapes of Arth to the heart of the marauders' lair, each step is fraught with danger and discovery.

Join Aurora, Lance, and Lizzy in 'Ruby Warriors,' a spellbinding fantasy where magic, courage, and the strength of newfound family intertwine. Will they triumph over adversity and save Arth, or will the marauders' darkness prevail? Prepare for a page-turning adventure that ignites the imagination and captivates the hearts of readers young and old. The fate of Arth rests in the hands of the Ruby Warriors—dare you join their quest?