The Quirky Bathroom Book - a comedic outlook by Jay Fiondella

The Quirky Bathroom Book - a comedic book promotion outlook by Jay Fiondella

Being over sixty, my new reality brought a whole string of physical, psychological, and philosophical changes, some of which I expected but most I did not. My comedic content revolves around all these, flavored by what other not-so-young guys have shared with me. The tone leans on light-hearted sarcasm, occasionally sprinkled with hard-hitting commentary that should make you laugh and even ponder your present existence, yet reassure you that hey buddy, we're all in this together - you are not alone. Some may find my reflections a bit crude at times, but heck, it’s a bathroom book for men (so what else would you expect?)! However, my quirky commentary should inspire you to laugh at yourself while assuring you that our glass is still half-full.