The Last Storyteller - A Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure with a Moral Twist by Catherine Ann Russell

The Last Storyteller - A Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure with a Moral Twist children book promotion by Catherine Ann Russell

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Against all odds, the magic Zoe-Chai seed, created long ago by the elves was found and planted, instantly sprouting,The Orchard, with the magic Zoe-Chai tree at its center (book 3). Though the kingdom had always been peaceful and never had to fight in real war, things have now changed with the existence of the Zoe-Chai tree and orchard. The tree brings with it a blessing and a curse. It is the tree of life that will supply an endless bounty of food and healing gardens to the kingdom, but it's life-force is so strong, it is also a portal to other worlds drawn to its life-giving power. The kingdom is now at risk to alien invasion which has already happened within a month the seed was planted and grew the tree and orchard. The elves understood this problem when they created the seed, who wanted the seed for themselves. They forged a magnificent, protective staff to protect the tree and seal it's portal. But fate had it the elves were to lose both the seed and the protective staff, the first escaping to its own destiny, and the second, stolen.

Journee and her close companions are dispatched to locate the elves, retrieve the staff, and form an alliance to return with them and their aid to fight against alien bats who are after the Zoe-Chai tree. Journee's father, The Great Mouse King remains behind at the orchard to prepare his beloved kingdom subjects for war. Strange twists and turns happen on Journee's mission, including Journee being captured by the elves, who mistake her for the thief who had stollen the staff, and discovering the Zoe-Chai tree had bestowed Journee's companion with supernatural gifts that enhance their own natural abilities. The Zoe-Chai tree apparently wants the kingdom to fight on its behalf, and win.