Lifetimes & Life's Lines - a new poetry collection by Kevin Heaton

Lifetimes & Life's Lines - a new poetry collection book promotion by Kevin Heaton

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A great poetry collection should invite us to age more graciously. Its yellowing pages & timeless verses should give rise to a celebration of life's pendulum swings. Each time we reread that work, we will find ourselves feeling more & more a part of it until, at some whimsical point, we will wish to never leave it.

Lifetimes & Life's Lines is a dance of great words: "This poem is about I love you, breathing on its own; beyond lust, beyond self. This poem is about: Sighing for your sorrow. A quickened pulse cheering on your victories. Washing your feet with my tears. Sipping daylight from your smile. Believing, without groping your wounds."
excerpt - from This Poem is About

Kevin Heaton writes with a passion found in youthful pursuits, but with the tenured voice of a well tempered poet. Each reading of his work reveals a richer reality within its pages. - Poetry Quarterly

Outstanding grass roots poetry! Heaton just may be the midwest's answer to Robert Frost. He writes poems that you ease into, then find yourself stricken by remarkable flashes of wisdom that come from being in touch with your surroundings. I highly recommend his work. - Carla Martin-Wood, Nine time Pushcart Prize nominee and author of "Into the Windfall Light."