No Way Out of This: Loving a Partner with Alzheimer's by Sue Fagalde Lick

No Way Out of This: Loving a Partner with Alzheimer's non fiction medical book promotion by Sue Fagalde Lick

This is the Alzheimer’s conversation we should be having.

More than 6 million Americans, including one in three seniors, suffer from dementia.

Add in the spouses, siblings, adult children, and professionals responsible for their care, and we all have a stake in this story.

But No Way Out of This is not about a noble, self-sacrificing wife who gives up everything to take care of her husband. We see those spouses in romanticized books and movies—but they’re not telling the whole story. Nobody’s that good.

When Sue Lick’s husband’s charming forgetfulness worsened into dementia, she traded her life of writing, music, and travel with the love of her life for years of caregiving, guilt, and impossible decisions.

And No Way Out of This is not just about Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s about mental illness, taking care of beloved pets in the chaos, the trials of marriage, examining your support system (or lack of one), and love stories that don’t end happily ever after. It’s the real story.