Blue Anomaly - Hard Science Fiction by J.K. Bunta

Blue Anomaly - Hard Science Fiction book promotion by J.K. Bunta

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Discover Hard Science Fiction from a Scientifically-Minded Author!

Embark on a gripping first-contact mission that blends real scientific facts with compelling storytelling. If you love classics like The Three-Body Problem, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Ubik, and A Brief History of Time, this interstellar voyage novel is a must-read.

When scientists detect an anomalous star radiating undecipherable signals, Dr. Tristan Smolensky, a distinctive astrophysicist, is dispatched to unravel the star’s mysteries, navigating through the unknown with the hope of making first contact or discovering cosmic secrets.

As the mission progresses, what starts as a quest for knowledge turns into a journey challenging mankind's science and Tristan's perception of reality. Is the star a beacon from an advanced civilization, a natural cosmic anomaly, or something sinister? With each step closer, the events could alter humanity’s place in the universe—or end it entirely.

Immerse yourself in an entertaining and educational journey crafted by an author deeply passionate about the quest for knowledge. Don't miss your chance to start this adventure today!