The Book of Elizabeth

History as we know it has been erased.
In its place, a new story of humanity has emerged, a story without the complications and twists we all know; a story without the Cold War, or Shakespeare. Without Christ. But there are echoes of our world - lone souls from all ages of our former history, shipwrecked in the new. Each and every one of them represents a living threat against the validity of this new, virgin history, none more so than the mysterious author of a subversive book passed in secret, and spoken of only in whisper.  Elizabeth writes of England, of Israel and Egypt, all countries that never existed. She writes of a garden, and genesis. She writes of a promised land and a chosen people.  Of revelation.

The Book of Elizabeth is the moving journey of England's greatest monarch, Elizabeth I, who liberated from the constraints of her time, seeks a life free from the turmoil and strife that plagued it. In doing so, she opens a Pandora's Box she never could have anticipated, and can never hope to contain.

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Darby Harn