'The Depths of Deception' by Ian Fraser

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The Depths of Deception  11 5-star reviews

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Review: (from Amazon)
"Where do I start? Prepare to feast on this scrumptious word meal! If this novel could be described as a cut of beef, then The Depths of Deception would be Prime Rib or better still Filet Mignon! Include your favorite red wine, voila! An all around superb dish.

The author captures your attention from the very first page. It grabs you by the collar and doesn't let you go. Long after you've finished. This is definitely a book for thinkers. Looking for a great read that also educates, then look no further. The detailed descriptions, gives one the feeling of 'being there'. You taste, smell and feel everything the main character does. Words alone can't express how much I enjoyed this book.

The scenic beauty of each locale described in glorious detail.
You would think that the occupation of the main character is off-putting, but somehow the author makes you like the character, almost against your will, so much so, in fact you want him to succeed. From start to finish, you will not be bored. You will want to savor every word, sentence and paragraph to its brtutal conclusion.

You get the sense that this author understands the "Human Condition" all too well. Our weaknesses, our hopes and our failures.

Very imaginative, informative and convincing. I am so looking forward to many more great reads from this author. "