Austin Nights

Austin Nights {a novel by herocious}


When the allure of graduate school tempts Bridget and Michael to leave their Miami Beach home for the University of Texas, the wide-eyed transplants find themselves alone in a city that boasts of its weirdness.

Unable to unpack in their tiny sublet, the couple leaves their meager belongings boxed up and sets out to explore their new home. Before long, they discover that the city more than lives up to its reputation: crazed library patrons, injured vagabonds, and mentally unstable neighbors abound. But that's not all. Bridget's beauty proves to be a high commodity for this cast of dubious Austinites. Concerned about losing her, Michael hatches a plan that takes them to an antiquarian bookstore far away from imminent danger. There he expects to ask a famous Texas author to help him make his dream life with Bridget come true.

What Michael doesn't anticipate, and can't possibly, is a life or death event that tests the resiliency of the young couple's love.

GENRE: Literature/Fiction
LENGTH: 64,000 words